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GOT7'S album "GOT IT?" it's a love story...

If you analyzes the songs you’ll figure out that:

01.여보세요 (Hello): The song it’s basically a description of each one of them where they try to convince girls of how great they are (basically a pick up song)… an Introduction of them selves. (Picture this like being at school and they are the popular kids that are cool and handsome, they all are amazing and people loves them [the very example of this is the teaser videos for Girls x3

02. Girls Girls Girls: Basically a description of their daily life where they have many girls around them. They let us know how good looking and awesome they are and also show up his skills and different qualities. (Song + M/V) (If we keep up this as an story, like the school plot for example, they are practically saying how they feel everyday and how girls are always chasing them, that sometimes it’s tiring and they really don’t know what to do about it… they are just confident with them selves and that attracts girls like a magnet)

03. 난 니가 좋아 (I Like You): Seems that they have found a girl among the many girls that were behind them. They’ve fallen in love and now are describing this girl… she’s different of everything they’re used to. She’s not the typical party/popular girl type, is more like a shy and lonely type of girl. They are in love with her smile and personality and the way she makes them feel, they really don’t care how she looks and how people think of her, they just like her. (Following the plot you can easy compare this to the many teenage stories out there, the popular guy falls in love with the non-popular girl) 

04. 따라와 (Follow Me):This time it’s about convincing the girl they are one of a kind. They describe how funny and good they are, that she’ll never find a better boy and that she needs to stop playing so hard to get bcz they know she wants them (him). (We can picture this as if they take her to a date and show them how good is to expend time with them. Following the plot, again, this is scene when the guy takes the girl on a date and her world changes completly by finding out that “this guy” is everything she ever wanted, even more if this “girl” is the typical “non-popular” girl)

05. Like Oh: They are very deep now. This girl is driving them crazy… they can’t contain their emotions anymore and that makes them want to scream it all out. They know this girl likes them back but they are insecure. Their lifes has changed completly and now they want to be with her forever (According to the plot, this is the time when the guy realizes that he is madly in love. All he can do is think about her… he wants to be with her no matter what)

06. Playground: We have reached to the end of the story, The realisation of this girl being their playground is nothing more than that. They way she makes them feel reminds them their childhood (I believe this refers to pure happiness bcz being a child it’s like that)… so they don’t want to loose this feeling again, they feel alive, happy and hopeful so they are here making a last stament “Stay with me forever”. (at last, according to the plot story, this can be represented as the final scene of a love story. They declare them selves with her and she ends up accepting their feelings and hers too and this gets them together.)



You know what? I’m so proud of Block B right now.

Like they made it. They fucking made it.

This is what a mother fucking group is. From shit scandals to fucking concerts all over Asia and America, to being on hit variety shows, radio shows and getting their own fucking reality show.

I am so proud of these 7 boys.

They fucking made it.